.Maui API Documentation

The .Maui API provides a programmatic way to interact with most of the services offered at dotmaui.com

Authentication for the standard API

To use the standard API, you must include an API key when loading the API.

  • The API key allows you to monitor your application's API usage.

  • With a key, you have access to a free daily quota. You can go premium, we will thank you with a higher usage quota.

Get an API key

To get started using the .Maui API, click the link below and sign up for free on dotmaui.com.

Get a Key


By default, you have a total of 100 requests per day for all services. But with premium plan, you'll get 100.000 requests per day for just 9,99 dollars for month.

In the dashboard, you can check the number of daily requests and retrieve or change your API key.


Premium users can benefit from support via e-mail or chat, customization of services and creation of clients to interface with these services.

You can purchase the premium plan on this page.


Requests must be made with the POST method, premium users can also use the GET method, and must always contain a valid API key.


If the request to service has been successful, the status code of the response will be 200, otherwise, the status code will be 4xx or 500 depending on the type of error.


Error Code Meaning

Bad Request. One or more parameters of the request are incorrect. The response will contain the error description.


Unauthorized. Your API key is wrong.


Forbidden. Reached the maximum limit of daily requests.


Generic error.