Image Resizer API version 1.1

Image Resizer from url.

.Maui Image Resizer API to resize images from URL.



Field Type Description Required
apikey String

.Maui Api key


url String

A valid URL to an image


width Integer

New image width


height Integer

New image height


mode String

Accepted values are:

  • default (default), the result of the operation will be the resized image

  • cdn, the resized image will be saved in .Maui's cdn


name String

It will be the name of the new image, it must contain the extension


quality Integer

Quality of the new image, it must be a numeric value between 1 and 100. The default value is 80


grayscale Boolean

Converts the image to black and white. Default is false


flip Boolean

Flips the image vertically. Default is false


flop Boolean

Create a mirror version of the image. Default is false


blur Integer

Blur the image. Integer values from 1 and up are allowed. The higher the value, the blurrier the image will be. Default is 0


1 Both can be specified, but at least one is mandatory. If either of them is omitted, the new image will retain proportions with the original image.

2 Optional in CDN mode, in default mode this parameter is ignored.


Success 200 - Default Mode

It will be the resized image


Success 200 - CDN Mode

Field Type Description
url String

The url where the minimized file was saved

size Integer

File size in bytes

UID String

Unique alphanumeric ID in the .Maui CDN

HTTP/1.1 200 OK         
    "url": "",
    "size": 4720,    
    "UID": "JOicnO"

Testing calls

You can try this service through our API-based tool available here:


import urllib.parse
import urllib.request

img_url = ""
path_thumb= "C:\\Users\\User\\Pictures\\thumb.png"

params = urllib.parse.urlencode({'apikey': 'YOUR_API_KEY', 'width': 133,'height': 133, 'url': img_url}).encode("utf-8")
urllib.request.urlretrieve("", path_thumb, data = params)

* Only for premium users.